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The  North Dakota National Guard Foundation is a non-profit organization,  which has no paid employees and hires no professional fundraisers. The Foundation  depends entirely on volunteer help. Your gift will go directly to the  Emergency Relief Fund or the North Dakota Tragedy Assistance Program  (ND-TAPS) as specified, or if you prefer to donate to the General Fund,  your donation will go where it's needed most. The Foundation has  tax-exempt status granted under section 501(c)(3) "non-profit  organizations" of the Internal Revenue Code. 

The North Dakota National Guard Emergency Relief Fund (ERF) provides financial support in sudden and unforeseen emergency  situations, such as natural disasters, accident, illness, fire or theft  to the more than 4,300 North Dakota National Guard members and their  Families during times of need.

The North Dakota National Guard Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (ND-TAPS) supports the national TAPS initiative and provides services to those  who have lost a loved one serving in the Armed Forces. The funds are  used to cover transportation costs for Families of Fallen Heroes to  travel to Washington, D.C. to participate in the annual National TAPS  program. 

If you would like your donation  to go towards either the Emergency Relief Fund (ERF) or if you would  like it to go toward TAPS please specify in the notes section when you  set up your payment. If you would like your donation to go into the  general fund and be used towards whichever fund needs it most there is  no need to comment.

Thank you for your donation. 

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North Dakota National Guard Foundation

PO Box 5511 Bismarck, ND 58506

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